Yi Lin T

Hi, nice to see you here! My name is Yi Lin and I'm a self-taught photographer and full-time digital marketer. 

I've been shooting for around 8 years. Through the portfolio that I've built, I also had the opportunity to share and document important events in several families lives, including an 80-year-old grandfather's birthday dinner and an Indian pre-wedding ceremony. I have also photographed two film screenings and director showcases at George Town Festival 2015, where award-winning directors Emmanuel Benbihy (Cities of Love) and Sanif Olek (Sayang Disayang, 2013) made a presence as speakers. 

The most important thing in a shoot for me (besides getting good photos) is for both you and I to have fun. Creating is exciting, and I want people to enjoy the time they have on a shoot. 

Currently, I am based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but I am more than happy to travel if that has to be arranged. 

Services provided include: 

• Portrait sessions 

• Family sessions 

• Small scale events 

These packages above come with a digital copy of high resolution, colour graded and lightly retouched photographs. I can personalise these shoots to suit individuals, so if you're interested, drop me a message

My photos have been published on: 

South China Morning Post (children on bicycle mural) 

Buro 24/7 Singapore (this

I've also had photos exhibited at Habitat: The Exhibition during George Town Festival 2016. 




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