20 hours to Galway

I had always wanted to see the Cliffs of Moher. It may seem strange, how we humans can be fascinated by some rocks by the sea, but I believe that it’s the grandeur in it that draws us there.  

However, I was also on a tight budget and so I coaxed myself into thinking it wasn’t necessary. I was going into Belfast, and would be visiting Iceland after that – surely that would be enough? But when I looked up bus tickets from Belfast to Galway, I found that it would only cost around £30. I had to transit in Dublin, but the price tag had me convinced. 

It was a mad journey. I woke up at 3am in Malaysia on the 29th of June, took an hour’s flight to KLIA, then boarded another 13+ hour one to London. I stayed in Heathrow Airport for the night before taking the earliest flight to Belfast the next morning. It was 9am when I arrived at my boyfriend’s place to drop my luggages. By 11am, I was at the bus station with some packed food and began another 5 hour bus ride to Galway. 

The Cliffs of Moher

Windy country roads

Streets of Galway

Sunset in the countryside

As you can see from the photos, I made it there in one piece. It was the longest journey I’d ever made so far and I surprised myself by being totally okay with it. 

My boyfriend picked me up with his parents in Galway. In the car they’d rented, we visited several Irish towns. I was slightly concerned that when I saw the Cliffs of Moher, they would just be some rocky cliffs and I’d wonder why I had made such a long journey for it, but that never happened. The wind whipped our hair around till our coats were all we could use for identification, but the cliffs stood straight and tall in their unassuming grandeur. 

After a full day out, we then headed to an Irish pub for dinner. Till this day, my bf’s mum still swears that Guinness never tastes as good as that in Ireland. 

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