Golden days

It was Charlotte’s first time in Malaysia. I visited her in KL, the big city, a few months ago, and when she finally had a long weekend off, she decided to make a trip to Penang. 

Coming on a long weekend was a mistake. What she expected to be a 4 hour bus ride turned out to be an 11 hour one. She arrived starving with an almost dead phone. The first thing I took her to was for a meal – and it wasn’t just because of Penang’s fame for food. 

We visited the usual touristy sights, with the biggest struggle being parking. We also ate non-stop – the itinerary was something like: sightseeing, food, sightseeing, food, sightseeing, food, dessert. I said we burnt it off from the distance we had to walk, as I normally had to park my car much further from where we were going. 

I’d said I would show her the beach, but when I looked up the route on Waze, the traffic was a crawling, blood-red vein. We ended up going to a nearer, smaller and more peaceful one, and there, we shot some photos. Just like old days.

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