hong kong

Due to a series of circumstances, I was selected to go to Hong Kong for a regional conference. I’d initially been slightly disappointed, seeing that Hong Kong was not my favourite place and being chosen brought along its bout of drama, but I didn’t have much say in the matter and figured that the experience of attending the conference and meeting people from around the region could be beneficial. 

I’d been to Hong Kong and never understood the appeal. There was always too many people, too much concrete and not enough trees, and I wasn’t even a fan of their food no matter how many people told me they loved it. 

This time, I went with an eye influenced by being in the retail industry. And that was how I saw it. The stunning window displays with 3-D figurines and strong concepts that matched the brands; the overwhelming persistence of their outdoor advertising; and the best of all - the efficiency of their public transportation system that allowed most of the population to commute by foot. I know how it’s a city after all, but it was figuratively speaking, quite a breath of fresh air. 

I know how often this is said, but travel really is the best way to open our eyes. You could talk about improving and brainstorming for years of end, but sometimes it’s being somewhere else in person that grows a mindset. 

On the same note, travelling has a huge carbon footprint and tourists can really ruin places, so I’d just like to put out a gentle reminder to be aware of your actions - there’s nothing worse than littering or actively going against advice like not touching certain fragile organisms or acting like a goon when you “represent” your country when travelling. 

That’s me for now. Enjoy the photos I took with my phone.

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