quiet love

My love is honey tongue.
Dandelion wine in a pitcher.
Thirsty love. 
My love licks it’s fingers
before it has even fed.
My love is peach juice 
dripping down the neck.
Too much sugar love.
Cavity love. Toothache,
tummy ache love.
Soft hands holding the
jaw open love.
Summer love. Sticky sweet,
sticky sweat love.
My love can’t ride a bike.
My love walks everywhere.
Wanders through the river.
Feeds the fish, skips the stones.
Barefoot love.
My love stretches itself out on
the grass, kisses a nectarine.
My love is never waiting.
My love is a traveller,
a fruit-eater, a holder.
My love is alive. Warm.
It lives.
It breathes.

— Caitlyn SiehlWarm after  “Love, Gravity, and Other Forces” by Anita Ofokansi


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